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National Dress Up Your Pet Day #dressupyourpetday

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Colleen Paige, Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate started National Dress Up Your Pet Day -as well as National Dog Day and National Cat Day – to bring awareness in pet adoption. It’s essentially a viral campaign to show off pets in fun dress-up with the hopes to get more people interested and thinking about adopting pets into their lives.

It’s a fun day for a great cause and today I want to share some fun photos with you. Please feel free to share your own pics on our social media pages and tag #dressupyourpetday. Colleen’s page for this special day offers many great safe ways to celebrate – remember, this should be fun and safe for your pet, if they act stressed, look uncomfortable or resist, do not make them do anything they do not want to. This is about having fun and finding more homes for pets that so desperately need them!

So let’s check out some of those pictures!!

Now go dress your furry friend up, snap a picture and help spread the joy you experience of sharing your life with them.

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