Plans for Your Pet If You Die

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This may be a topic that you won’t even think about until you read this but have you ever considered what to do with your pets in case something unexpected happens to you?

Just like any other member of the family, your pet(s) needs someone to take care of him or her in case you die. You would not want your pet to be sent to a shelter and lonely in case this tragic event happens so here are some things you can prepare while you can!

what happens to your pets if you die

Who Is the First, Second or up to the Fifth Person You Can Think of Who Would Willingly Take Care and Love Your Pet the Same Way You Do?

Maybe its your rescue or breeder, many have contracts that you have signed stating that for any reason you cannot take care of your animal they will take them back. If you can think of a list of people who would love your pet like you do then you should ask them if they are willing to adopt your pet(s) in case something bad happens to you. They will find it weird or funny for you to ask this but you should tell them that you are just making sure that your pet(s) will not be homeless in case a tragic accident or event will take place. Ask them and make sure that they are prepared and comfortable to take your pet(s). It will be such a sad situation for your pet and the last thing you want is for them to be with someone who doesn’t know how to take care of them.

Also if traveling, make certain your pet sitter knows your wishes – don’t leave the stress of finding homes for your beloved pet(s) their issue. They should be left in charge of making the contacts but it shouldn’t be a question for them about where your pet(s) go should you not return. 

Make Sure That You Have a Checklist of How You Take Care of Your Pet Including Their Dislikes and Likes

You should include what types of food they like or what they are allergic to, how and when you give them a bath, what kind of activities they enjoy if they have a special condition.

Just like a medical or hospital form, you should indicate everything they should know about your pet(s) because this will make it easier for them to understand. It may seem off trying to do this but it will also be for your own good because you will know exactly what your pet likes and dislikes.

Always Have an Emergency Bag Ready for Your Pet

This bag should include the checklist you made, where to find their food and anything else that your pet would need. Your pet’s new owner may be in shock or be surprised for the new responsibility that he/she is given so this emergency bag will make it easier for them to adapt to and take care of their new pet(s). Let your designated person know exactly where that bag is.
It’s always best to be prepared for any tragic event that can take place and I hope you can learn a thing or two from this. Have you had other plans for your pets in case you die? We would love to hear from you!

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