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We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “I have taken Pet CPR and First Aid before in a hands on class. I learned alot more from taking this online class!”

    ~ lisa, retired from Massachusetts
  • “I wasn't expecting the amount of information that the course gave me, I learned so much from the lessons and am eternally grateful for the experience. My knowledge in pet first aid and CPR is much more vast and I will continue to further my education. This was a wonderful first step and I would recommend this course to anyone!! :)”

    ~ Andrea from Florida
  • “Dr. Conner was very thorough in her videos and very well spoken. It was easy to hear every word. Plus, I love that she added live animals in the demos. ”

    ~ Cynthia from Texas
  • “This was a very informative course. l love that I could stop, pause and repeat a section to ensure I truly comprehended the material. I loved the demonstrations as I pretended to do CPR on my pets as I watched. It showed me where to place my hands, etc., which is important to me because I was afraid to hurt my pet prior to understanding the correct methods taught in this course. ”

    ~ Karen, Other from Maryland
  • “Great course, each topic was explained clearly, concisely, with clear demonstrations. I will use this for review. Got some great ideas to telling potential dog parents what I do when first working with a pet and great for list of what to information to get from pet parents and what information and resources I need to have with me. Being informed and educated regarding emergencies will certainly increase my business and show how much I care for their animals. And it's the most economical course that I found for pet first aid certification! Jane K.”

    ~ Jane, Dog Care Giver from Florida
  • “I feel that although the videos were short, they covered a lot of useful information. Dr Connor was also very easy to listen to! I printed out the student manual and put into a binder with many things highlighted for future reference. Thank you for a class I feel will be useful for my pet sitting business!!”

    ~ Marlaina, Pet Sitter from California
  • “I have a pet sitting service and needed recertification of pet First Aid/CPR. This course is so convenient as easy to follow. It covers all the material I've taken in previous courses. I highly recommend this course to pet owners or anyone working with pets. ”

    ~ Cathy from ON
  • “very helpful and learning the proper ways to do cpr”

    ~ Arianna, Dog walker / pet sitter from Texas
  • “This is my second time using ProTrainings and I absolutely would recommend their Pet First Aid course! The course is very informative and easy to understand. I like the way the training questions are given after each lesson and the useful materials provided. You will leave the course feeling confident and equipped to handle the many situations that could come up while caring for you pets and what to do if any health concerns come up. ”

    ~ Jasmin from New York
  • “I learned a lot,Educational and helpful.”

    ~ Daniel, Truck Driver from Pennsylvania
  • “I'm glad I found this course. It was a good refresher and especially important for me since I run a dog boarding home with a pool. There are so many programs nowadays that offer certification so I did my research on the Pro trainings company to make sure they were legit before signing up. I found Pro Trainings was an established reputable company founded by a paramedic. This was one of the only courses I found that was delivered by a vet. I will definitely need to review the cpr demonstrations and practice on some dogs to make sure I will be able to apply what I learned from the course in a real life emergency. Very satisfied customer. Thank you. Denise Cueba Owner, Green Doggie Home Boarding Granada Hills, Ca”

    ~ Denise, Owner of dog boarding home from California
  • “It never occurred to me to take a pet safety course. I am glad I did. I was trying to take a live course for the hands on training experience. But that couldn't be arranged. This course was very informative. And the use of her pets made it easy to see how to apply the first aid and CPR training. I learned a lot of good information. Thank you very much.”

    ~ Edwin, retired from Texas
  • “Good practical information for all pet owners”

    ~ Teresa P, SAR Handler from Georgia
  • “This was a very informational course to take. I liked that you could continue the videos and the test over time at your own pace. The videos were nicely broken up and were a nice pace that was easy to follow. This course is very user friendly and I would definitely recommend this course to others looking for more safety info for their pets. ”

    ~ Danielle, Graduate Student from Massachusetts
  • “The instructional videos were easy to follow and very informative. ”

    ~ Michele, Pet Sitter from Ohio
  • “I enjoyed this course very much. I still plan on taking a hands-on course, but this was very informational and will give me a good leg up. I liked that they gave picture and video examples in each section and that the videos are always accessible for future reference. ”

    ~ Chris, Pet Care Professinal from Illinois
  • “I wanted to get the training and certification for Pet First Aid, however, I thought it would be all straight forward and similar to human first aid. Animal first aid is similar but different so I'm very happy with the course. Especially the CPR portion. Thank you very much for the details in the course, the great and explanatory videos. I would even recommend this to people who don't have to take the course. I've been an animal owner my whole life and could have saved a lot of money in vet bills for things I could have handled or known what to look for at home.”

    ~ Brittany, Business Owner from AB
  • “I found to it to be very easy to follow and learn what to look for and what to do for your pet. will recommend to others. ”

    ~ Juanita from AB
  • “I learned a lot from this training course, I'm glad I took it!”

    ~ Shelli, Pet Sitter from California
  • “I thought the videos and instruction were excellent. ”

    ~ Karen, self employed painter and dog sitter from ON
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “I appreciated how thorough the training was. I also liked how Dr. Connor delivered the info in an easy to comprehend and digest manner, for those of us with no medical training! Finally, as a busy businesswoman, I also appreciated that I could pause and pick up exactly where I left off. ”

    ~ Shawn, 4 days ago
  • “very informational!”

    ~ Sarah, 6 days ago
  • “Very valuable information about pet safety presented in an easy-to-absorb format.”

    ~ Samuel, 6 days ago
  • “I hope I never have to apply the information I learned in this course. However, I feel much better prepared to identify and deal with possible problems in the future. Thanks!”

    ~ Marshall, 8 days ago
  • “I thank you for having this website. I like taking this in my own home. The videos are great. Thank you!”

    ~ Marcel, 15 days ago
  • “I found this course detailed in each video.”

    ~ sherry, 17 days ago
  • “ProTrainings course for pet first aid is the most accessible and well organized of any I have used. Besides the initial course, weekly brief video segments arriving in my email inbox keep the material fresh. ”

    ~ Rubye, 17 days ago
  • “The training was very concise and thorough.”

    ~ Melissa, 21 days ago
  • “ I enjoyed the course but of course taking the test took sometimes had to take this three times had to read it over and over to get the correct score but I finally passed the fourth time :-)! ”

    ~ Samantha, 24 days ago
  • “Very helpful. Thank you!!!”

    ~ Jessica, 27 days ago
  • “Great, really easy to follow training - I feel much more equipped to look after my pets! ”

    ~ Freedom, 28 days ago
  • “This Course was great, Very informative and easy to follow.”

    ~ Brad, about 1 month ago
  • “Very informative!”

    ~ Tracy, about 1 month ago
  • “This course was amazing! Very well presented and the Q&A made it so much fun! I feel like a like a responsible pet owner:)”

    ~ Tricia, about 1 month ago
  • “The course was very informative and was easy to follow. Taking notes along the way greatly helped with studying for the test. I would highly recommend all pet owners to take this coarse to care for their pets. ”

    ~ Kelly, about 2 months ago
  • “Overall, my experience with Pro Trainings was positive. The whole program was quite informative. I enjoyed the fact that I can stop or pause to take notes and/or come back to where I left off. The two main reasons for picking this program was the cost and the option for subtitles.”

    ~ Nora, about 2 months ago
  • “It was easy to understand and follow along with what they were teaching.”

    ~ Mischelle, about 2 months ago
  • “Best courses around!”

    ~ Steff, about 2 months ago
  • “I loved the videos. They were well put together and informative. Those dogs were not only beautiful but extremely well trained. ”

    ~ Nina, about 2 months ago
  • “This was a well-presented and understandable course full of practical and accessible information. The videos were clear and paced appropriately, and the accompanying checklists and manual are great resources to keep handy.”

    ~ Stephanie, about 2 months ago