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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Very thorough and comprehensive training videos.”

    ~ Tharaa, Pet Groomer & Sitter from District Of Columbia
  • “Great course, each topic was explained clearly, concisely, with clear demonstrations. I will use this for review. Got some great ideas to telling potential dog parents what I do when first working with a pet and great for list of what to information to get from pet parents and what information and resources I need to have with me. Being informed and educated regarding emergencies will certainly increase my business and show how much I care for their animals. And it's the most economical course that I found for pet first aid certification! Jane K.”

    ~ Jane, Dog Care Giver from Florida
  • “The course was very informative, clear and concise. I enjoyed the fact that it is extremely easy to navigate and understand the material as it was presented.”

    ~ Bill, Dog Trainer from Texas
  • “great!!!!”

    ~ Yanira from New Jersey
  • “I feel that although the videos were short, they covered a lot of useful information. Dr Connor was also very easy to listen to! I printed out the student manual and put into a binder with many things highlighted for future reference. Thank you for a class I feel will be useful for my pet sitting business!!”

    ~ Marlaina, Pet Sitter from California
  • “ProTrainings course for pet first aid is the most accessible and well organized of any I have used. Besides the initial course, weekly brief video segments arriving in my email inbox keep the material fresh. ”

    ~ Rubye, writer, speaker, pet sitter from California
  • “I enjoyed this course very much. I still plan on taking a hands-on course, but this was very informational and will give me a good leg up. I liked that they gave picture and video examples in each section and that the videos are always accessible for future reference. ”

    ~ Chris, Pet Care Professinal from Illinois
  • “Best courses around!”

    ~ Steff, Fire Logistics Dispatcher from California
  • “Very informative and easy to understanding. You gain basic knowledge about what to do and how to handle your pet if the need arises. ”

    ~ Steve, D from Nevada
  • “Very Happy! Easy to follow and they give you a Student Manual / Course Documents and Resources for you to Download! :)”

    ~ Grisel, Dog Walker from Oregon
  • “As a dog walker and a proactive dog mom, I knew I needed to know how to respond in case of emergencies with my clients' dogs or my own. ProPetHero's course was comprehensive, thorough, and affordable; it's such a relief to be prepared for anything.”

    ~ Jordan, Dog walker from Washington
  • “Very informative in a reasonable amount of time. The Veterinarian was very easy to understand and relate with. Loved the live animals in the videos. Thank you, I feel much more comfortable if I ever have to use my training. ”

    ~ Kami, Dog Trainer/Breeder from Ohio
  • “I found the training to be very well presented and full of great information if an issue should arise.”

    ~ Katie, Pet Sitter from Washington
  • “Very comprehensive, and a comfortable learning experience. The lessons were thorough, but flew by! I feel confident that I have a solid understanding of how to help my pets in an emergency now and am much more at ease now.”

    ~ Christian from New Jersey
  • “This was a very informative course. l love that I could stop, pause and repeat a section to ensure I truly comprehended the material. I loved the demonstrations as I pretended to do CPR on my pets as I watched. It showed me where to place my hands, etc., which is important to me because I was afraid to hurt my pet prior to understanding the correct methods taught in this course. ”

    ~ Karen, Other from Maryland
  • “Excellent course, very to the point with a lovely instructor and pet helpers :)”

    ~ Linda, Professional Pet Sitter from Connecticut
  • “As someone who works in the veterinary field I really appreciated the over format and content of this course and will be requiring this course for my staff.”

    ~ Nichole from North Carolina
  • “Very helpful and I learned a lot!”

    ~ Mary, Student from California
  • “It helped that I was experienced in CPR for people. Easy to understand for lay person.”

    ~ Patricia, Dog Groomer from Arizona
  • “ I enjoyed the course but of course taking the test took sometimes had to take this three times had to read it over and over to get the correct score but I finally passed the fourth time :-)! ”

    ~ Samantha, Dog Walker from Massachusetts
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “I took the class in one day, I am now ready to handle any cat or dog situation. ”

    ~ Penelope, about 23 hours ago

    ~ Debbi, 3 days ago
  • “This course covered a comprehensive list of issues with clear explanations and demonstrations.”

    ~ Linda, 7 days ago
  • “Helpful information for a basic understanding of pet first aid & CPR”

    ~ Delaney, 12 days ago
  • “I feel very well informed after taking this course and feel I have a great understanding of Cat & Dog First Aid training. ”

    ~ Claire, 12 days ago
  • “I learned a lot and it was very useful ”

    ~ Haley Rae, 13 days ago
  • “Very thorough! I manage a dog walking company, and I'm going to have all my employees take this course.”

    ~ Chris, 14 days ago
  • “I loved the training's. All sessions were relevant and well done. Highly informative and interesting. ”

    ~ Lucinda, 20 days ago
  • “Un curso bastante completo e importante, bien detallado.”

    ~ Julian, 21 days ago
  • “I am a rover care provider I found this class very informative.”

    ~ Jason, 24 days ago
  • “It was taught very thorough & clear. ”

    ~ Christopher, 30 days ago
  • “This is a great course for any pet owner. I feel prepared and not helpless if something goes wrong with my furry kids.”

    ~ Kim, about 1 month ago
  • “This course was very educational and covered multiple scenarios for recognizing a pet in distress and appropriate measures if an emergency presents itself. I would recommend this course for anyone working with cats and dogs, along with pet owners.”

    ~ Jenn, about 1 month ago
  • “I definitely learned some important first aid techniques and signs of things to watch for. The teacher was clear and thorough in the first aid section. I feel the course will definitely be of use to me in my business of pet care.”

    ~ Pamela, about 1 month ago
  • “Very thorough course. I loved the veterinarian doing the training. ”

    ~ Jill, about 1 month ago
  • “Very clear and concise instruction - I learned a ton. A very valuable course that has empowered me to take much better care of my animals. ”

    ~ Stephanie, about 1 month ago
  • “I enjoyed this course and I feel very prepared for any situation.”

    ~ Sorelle, about 1 month ago
  • “This course taught me a lot and I feel more prepared to care for my pet in an emergency until I can get it to the vet. ”

    ~ Breina, about 1 month ago
  • “I think this was an awesome course! I am a retired Police Officer and the treatment mirrors very closely how we treat humans except the verbal communication aspect. I will add several items to my 1st aid kit to round it out. Great little pockets of information such as noting the lot# of your food back in case there is an issue with your pet, having emergency contact info readily available, and many more. The information was delivered in a very easy to follow manner and easy to understand. Well done! I feel confident bring our 8 week old german shepherd puppy home tomorrow. Thank you!”

    ~ Chris, about 2 months ago
  • “Excellent course! Lots of information delivered in a concise manner covering a multitude of situations you could potentially face when caring for a pet.”

    ~ Susan, about 2 months ago