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Playful Kitty

“Pet first aid training would have helped me to know some basic problems to look for so that I could give the veterinarian a clear understanding of my situation. In this case, I may have discovered the broken nail. Had I seen that and understood how breaking the past the quick affects a cat, I could have helped stop the bleeding then and there.

It is possible that pet first aid could have saved me some money too. With this clearer description of the problem, the emergency veterinarian could have advised about whether or not I really needed to take Obi to the emergency vet. Being able to wait until morning and see our regular veterinarian would have been a lot more cost effective!” (Read the rest…)


“The videos themselves are very well done. I love how they’re broken up into bite size chunks and can be viewed at my own pace. Retaining knowledge is so much easier for me when I learn a little bit at a time.

Dr. Bobbi is professional, compassionate and explains things in a way that’s easy for someone like me, just a cat guardian who loves my furry family, to understand. Not only does she explain the hows and whys, she demonstrates with real pets. It’s a much better way to learn than with just words or pictures.

I haven’t even finished all of the videos yet, but already feel so much more prepared in the event of an emergency. The videos have inspired me to put together a feline first aid kit for Katie & Waffles, a human first aid kit for me and Gloman and a disaster preparedness plan and kit for all of us.” (Read the rest…)

Fuzzy Today

“The human really liked that the course is taught by a certified veterinarian named Dr. Bobbi Conner. She presents the information clearly and consciously, and demonstrates key skills. First you watch training videos, after which you take a test to demonstrate what you learned, and when you pass you get a certificate you can print. Very useful if you are a pet sitter, dog walker, or other such profession so you can prove your training to clients. The course is well priced for information that could save your pets life, or your sanity, depending on the situation. Some of the big topics covered include dog cpr, creating a first aid kit, poisoning, itching, vomiting, how to measure vital signs, and many other health topics.

You can take the course from wherever online, what ever time of day you are free, and at your own pace. The human was able to start the course and complete it later on over the course of a couple days as she had time! The site also offers a weekly refresher email so that you can keep up on your skills over time.” (Read the rest…)

My Brown Newfies & Me

“I took the course over a week, watching small segments at a time, and I thought it was great and easy to understand. It was put together really good. Some of the information was repetitive for me but I also learned some new things. I think that it’s a crucial course for anyone who wants to be on top of their pet’s health! Gosh, when I worked at the clinic there were very few owners who knew the difference between respiratory rate and heart rate. And unfortunately, a few lives may have been saved if a pet owner knew how to correctly cool down an overheated dog. I’ve said it a million times and I’ve written several posts on the importance of knowing your dog and being proactive with their health. This course is perfect for those who want to do just that. It even briefly discusses the signs of bloat. I like the course so much that I’ve decided to invest my time in promoting it. I don’t do that often unless I real believe in something. I’ll be honest, I think that every pet owner should be required to take this course PRIOR to getting a cat or dog.” (Read the rest…)

Dolly the Doxie

“Taught conveniently on your own time in less than two hours (1:39), all areas of pet first aid and CPR are covered. The Lady found the short videos easy to watch and follow along, with a quick quiz on the topic following each video. Each topic is easily navigated from one topic to the next. You can stop at any time and easily start right back where you left off.” (Read the rest…)

That Mutt

“This is a valuable online pet first aid course designed to prepare dog and cat owners on what to do to help their pets in an emergency. The videos are taught by Dr. Bobbi Conner, a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I thought she did an excellent job covering the material and showing demonstrations. Her dog and cat models and human assistants also did such a great job! The course covers information such as wound care, how to give CPR to a dog, how to read your pet’s vitals and dozens of other topics. I now have a certification in pet first aid and a lot more knowledge than before.” (Read the rest…)

The Pup in Apartment 3

“If you work in the pet industry, being first aid and CPR certified for cats and dogs definitely gives you a competitive business edge. People want to have their pets groomed and boarded in places where they feel they’ll be safe. If you’re simply a pet owner who loves your furry friends like they’re family, taking this course could help you save your pet’s life in an emergency situation.” (Read the rest…)

Top Dog Tips – Video Review

“I loved the video guides because they show you up close demonstrations done on real pets. The live class that I took in the past showed demonstrations on dummy animals. It’s much easier to learn when you can see how things are done in a real life situation. Along the same lines, the videos show animals suffering real symptoms. It’s scary when something happens to your dog. During this class you’ll be able to see videos and pictures of real dogs experiencing some common symptoms, which will help you keep your cool if your dog ends up exhibiting the same behavior. Not only will you learn a lot of beneficial information, it’s also so easy to navigate the site! As you can see in my video review above, the site is well organized and it’s easy to find what you need.” (Read the rest…)