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Pet Care Services – Want a Great Way to Market Your Business?

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Lead with Education in Your Marketing

Pet sitter friends want a great marketing idea? Pet owning friends, want to know what you will soon be demanding of your pet care providers?

If you have equally wonderful baby sitters for your human child to choose from but the only difference is one knows first aid & CPR, who are you going to choose?

Pet First Aid & CPR training is just as important if not more than bonding and insurance. Insurance kicks in after the accident has happened, our training helps to PREVENT the accidents from happening in the first place, and when they do – minimizing further complications.

So many pet care providers are saying the same things, “we’re insured and bonded”, “we’ll treat your pet as our own”, “we can rotate lights and water plants”, “we’ll make your home look as if you never went away”, that’s nothing different from what your competition is doing.

One of the best ways to tell your clients very directly and blatantly – even from your website – is to tell them you and your staff are trained in pet first aid & CPR. Better yet, you learned from an ER veterinarian who is also a professor in the subject matter, she teaches 100’s of people how to save pet lives, and she has saved 100’s of them as well.

Online Isn’t What You Think

If I see one more post about hands-on training being better than online in the pet sitting forums I might just blow a gasket. First off, they shouldn’t be compared because they are different, secondly if you are going to compare the techniques, you might as well compare everything about them and that means the instructors too. Just as I would hire the first aid & CPR trained baby sitter for my child – I’m going to take a class from an instructor that was not only trained as their profession to teach, but from one that was also medically trained how to save pet lives.

This does not mean that there aren’t wonderful hands-on instructors out there, in fact I HIGHLY recommend Arden Moore of Pet First Aid 4 U. Not only has she saved pets lives and taught her amazing course to thousands of people – her training has been reviewed and endorsed by veterinarians.

It’s the Quality That Matters

Don’t just send your staff to a local class if you can find one and then shove the emblem down at the bottom of your website. Find a class that is right for you, your business and your standards.

Between 1998 and 2008 online learning has increased 150%, with that increase we have also seen advances in quality. We can now bring you the most accredited person into your living room – or your client’s living room and teach you to know what to do when something isn’t right with a pet.

Listen to What the Coach Says

Leading pet business coach Bella Vasta from Jump Consulting is honest and forward with what she thinks about how pet sitters are currently marketing themselves. Her website and Facebook page is littered with wonderful reviews about how her marketing techniques WORK. One of her techniques is standing above your competition using the competitive advantage of pet first aid & CPR eduction.

She and I had a discussion about this. We talked about the benefit of the training such as using the trained status to stand apart from your competition, offer peace of mind to your clients knowing you are aware of or trained to be aware of issues with their pets, and should the need arise – you have the know-how on what to do should their pet have a medical emergency.

Again, not to compare hands-0n to online but with the advancements in technology and more and more of the world getting their education online – the ProPetHero course offers some amazing benefits such as:

  • Video-based modules that you watch at your own pace and place you want
  • Low cost for training, 1/2 the price of most local classes with the advantage of learning from an ER veterinarian
  • The ability to monitor staff’s progress and make certain they have retained the education

Below is the YouTube video of the Podcast Bella and I recorded. Meet Bella, meet me and learn a little bit about my story and why I joined the awesome team at ProTrainings. We are doing amazing things and Bella, ProTrainings and I want to share that with you.

Bella has been a wonderful industry partner and advocate for this learning, she is also sharing her discount code with you. Save 10% off this course using the code she created for her “Bella in your Business” fans – CPR-petsitter

Pet First Aid Class

You read it, you watched the YouTube clip, you’ve got your discount – GO GET LEARNING! 

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