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What’s Up Wednesday – Good Dog in a Box

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No, a puppy isn’t coming to your door but something way more enriching, educational and great for every single family member (including Fido) could be.

Mail Order Meets Tech to Bring Positive Reinforcement Training to Your Home

Kim Merritt-Butler with her professional dog trainer sister Jen Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS have created a subscription based educational program that comes to your door monthly in a box. As they describe it, “Good Dog in a Box is a dog products company with it’s roots in positive reinforcement dog training. We’re a little bit old school mail order, a little bit high tech e-learning, a dash of fun and games, and a pinch of puppy love. We’re in a position to help you improve life WITH and FOR your dog. Happy families with happy dogs means less dogs surrendered to animal shelters. Together, we can make a difference.” I think that is the best description!

Today I spoke with Kim, co-founder of Good Dog in a Box, whom I had the pleasure to meet at the annual BlogPaws conference. She happened to be there presenting as the owner of the URL Dr, where she works with small and mid-sized companies in the areas of online marketing, website design, and strategic growth. She was also naturally there to bring awareness to Good Dog in a Box. I was able to physically see the box, which children can color on – they have honestly thought of everything – and then was able to go online and see exactly what they were doing. It’s fantastic! From their products, training materials to their videos and card games, they have literally covered every age level and learning style.

Helping to Keep Dogs in Homes and Out of Shelters

For years Kim and Jen were trying to think of ways to get into people’s homes to help them learn how to live appropriately with dogs. So many dogs are returned each year, heck even each day to shelters because of behavioral issues. These issues occur when children and adults are not certain on how to live with a dog, understand their behavior and most importantly – how to act around them so that the dog has a happy and stable environment. For example, hugging your dog is not something a dog enjoys and pulling their fun fluffy tail could certainly get your five year-old bit. That does not mean the dog is a bad dog but they were put in a situation where their way to communicate lands them in a shelter.

Kim and Jen want to make dogs happy and healthy and most importantly, keep them in your home. They want to reach and teach the next generation of dog owners as well as the entire family how to enjoy the wonders that dogs encompass – which sets dogs up for success in and around your life.

Enjoy some examples of Kim and Jen’s content. They have tons of information on their website in both illustrated and in person training clips. For tons more information and even some product visuals, check out the interview I did with Kim. You can see her passion and see that she and her sister are bringing so much good to your home in a box.

Learn more about Good Dog in a Box from Kim in our interview. Most dog bites happen to children between the ages of 5-9, listen to how Kim and her sister are setting out to fix that.

Curious? Sign up here, it’s great for all of the family or even as a gift.



  1. Wow, great idea. As someone who cringes every time I see a child in a group obedience class, I am thrilled to see instructions available to practice with children at home. They may learn quickly, but children are often not equipped to last for a whole adult-aimed class.
    May your product spread far and wide. Teaching at a young age should produce a very well-educated generation of dog owners/handlers/lovers!

    1. Author

      Yep, I was in awe when I saw this product, it covers so many learning styles and ages. Plus children tend to learn better than adults. Its all around a great thing!

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