Pet First Aid Instructor Dr. Bobbi Conner with her cat Moter

Bobbi Conner


A professor of Veterinary Medicine and Critical Care at the University of Florida, Dr. Bobbi Conner is passionate about keeping animals healthy. Bobbi is ACVECC board-certified in veterinary emergency and critical care and specializes in emergency care for small animals. Bobbi also loves spending time with her cat, Moter. As both an animal lover and veterinarian, she offers invaluable insight into determining the optimal care for all your furry family members.

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Our Star Animal Actors & Actresses

Pet First Aid dog actor Quinn


Quinn is a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd who is, as his breed depicts, an extremely intelligent, willing-to-please, handsome boy, who, from day one, has stolen his owner's heart. He enjoys spending every waking moment with his owner and never questions where they go together. With his patience and laid-back personality, Quinn has recently become an invaluable tool and asset for students and new employees at The University of Florida emergency clinic in Ocala, Florida.

Pet First Aid cat actress Moter


Moter's favorite activities include racing down the hallway, weaving in between his rommates' feet, and dipping his dirty feet in his water bowl & leaving tracks on the floor. He likes his cat food, but loves the sound that plastic makes when he chews on it! It will probably surprise many viewers, but this was Moter's first acting experience. He thinks he could have done better if he had a more talented co-star... like maybe Anne Hathaway.

Pet First Aid dog actress Khali


Khali (full name: Khaleesi) is a rescue dog from Helping Hands Pet Rescue. She loves the TV show Game of Thrones, her family, and especially her three little cat siblings. Although she looks rugged and built for the outdoors, Khali prefers a life of leisure filled with petting, compliments, and back rubs.

Pet First Aid dog actress Annabelle


Annabelle is a 6-year-old mini-Australian Shepherd. She loves to play fetch and chase, and a good belly rub is never declined. She is sweet, playful, patient, and loyal.

Pet First Aid dog actor Chester


Chester is the only actor in the course to sustain an actual injury. Fortunately, under the skillful care of Bobbi, Chester has made a full recovery. Chester spends his days napping, relaxing, and playing dead in the ProTrainings office in Grand Rapids.

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