Cat and Dog First Aid Videos

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We'll be introducing you to the concept of pet first aid -- lesson one -- which most of you may be unfamiliar with. In lesson two, we'll help you put together your pet first aid kit, which you'll use frequently throughout this course. And in lessons three and four, we'll dig a little deeper into both dog and cat safety. By the end of this section, you'll be ready to tackle more specific material as we progress through this course together.

Let's shift our focus to what is normal for your cat or dog. You'll learn some important information about cat and dog behaviors. And you'll learn some ways in which you'll be able to diagnose problems in your pet. We'll specifically look at cat and dog pulse rates, gum color, breathing rates, and temperatures. By knowing what is normal, you'll then be able to know what is abnormal.

This section discusses illnesses that may impact your cat or dog. We begin by introducing you to cat and dog illnesses in general. Each subsequent lesson will focus on one particular problem you may experience with your pet including vomiting, diarrhea, peeing problems, loss of appetite, lethargy, weakness or collapse, seizures, and body temperature emergencies: hypothermia, hyperthermia or heat stroke, and cat and dog fever.

Learn how to identify and treat your dog or cat for a variety of injuries they may sustain. You'll learn how to assess for shock, how to handle bleeding emergencies and nail bleeding scenarios, how to dress a wound, how to care for lame pets, how to provide burn care, how to treat fractures and spinal injuries, and how to safely move dogs and cats that have been injured.

Learn about poison and venom emergencies, allergies, and severe allergic reactions. You'll specifically learn how to diagnose a dog or cat for poisoning, common pet poisons to be aware of, how to make your pet vomit if they have been poisoned and when you should do so, pet eye washing, and how to treat for snake and spider bites that may be venomous.

Here we cover respiratory emergencies in great detail. You'll learn how to identify and treat your pet for breathing problems. You'll learn how to treat dogs and cats who are choking, both for conscious animals and unconscious. And you'll learn what to do if your pet suffers from a near-drowning.

Learn about pet CPR and demonstrating the proper techniques for both dogs and cats, as well as dogs of different sizes. And finally, the last lesson in your pet first aid course deals with end of life situations and things you should consider when agonizing over a difficult decision that most of you will be forced to make at some point.

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