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Checking your cat or dog's temperature is a good way to determine if they're getting sick or ill. A pet's temperature will run hotter than humans', typically between 99.5 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to take your pet's temperature, you will need to get lubrication jelly and a quick-read rectal thermometer from your first aid kit. Lay your pet down or keep them standing and search that area just below the tail. Once you find the rectum, insert the thermometer to a depth between 1 centimeter and 1 inch. Wait until the thermometer indicates that it is done, remove the thermometer and read the result. If the temperature is abnormal, assess your cat or dog's other vitals for signs of sickness. Remember that if you have difficulty getting your pet to stay still while you take the temperature, you can enlist the help of another person to distract your pet while you take the temperature.