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Dogs and cats never live as long as we want them to. Some pets may pass away quietly at home while other's health may decline and you may have to deal with the tough decision of humane euthanasia. It's always a difficult choice, but discus it with your veterinarian and they can run through all the options including euthanasia and whether it is the best option for you. To euthanize your pet, a catheter is placed in your pet's leg with an overdose of an anesthetic drug. As they give the medication they begin to go to sleep as they would for a medical procedure and eventually bring about a painless and peaceful death. After your pet has passed there are many options such as cremation, or if it is legal in your area have your pet buried on your property. After your cat or dog has passed away, you will go through a grieving process. You veterinarian will have resources available to you for local support groups and online resources to help you through the process.