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Cats may become aggressive when injured. Some signs of cat aggression are: hissing and yowling, flattened ears, raised fur, flicking the tail and moving away. If your cat is exhibiting any of these signs, wait until they calm down to approach it. Some things you could do to try to restrain your cat could be trying to wrap them in a towel, pet carrier or put the cat in a laundry basket. To scruff your cat, grab them by the loose skin on the back of their neck. Some cats may do better if you grab a towel and cover their head. Disassemble your cat carrier and place the cat in there and reassemble it. Trapping your cat in a laundry basket and sliding a board under the basket will work as well. To muzzle your cat make sure the nose is in the opening and the larger portion covers the eyes and place over it over the face. This will prevent your cat from biting you.