My dog ate a poisonous frog. What should I do?

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We asked people for stories about times that they needed to help their pets. You can submit your own story here.

This story is from Teresa Goodwin. She has a Yorkipoo named Oscar who suddenly started seizing. Here’s the story in Teresa’s words.

I was working in my garden one day and my dog, who is a 15 lbs. Yorkipoo, was playing in our fenced in backyard.

All of a sudden, my dog started foaming at the mouth, seizing and convulsing. I ran over to my dog and he had eaten a frog that had poison on his back.

I fished the frog out of my dog’s mouth and rushed him to my vet. They gave him some meds and flushed his system out. Very scary but he is okay now.

Quick thinking, checking Oscar’s mouth for something that could be the cause of the erratic behavior, and removing the cause of the toxins. Getting Oscar to the vet quickly was a smart decision.

Having the knowledge to recognize situations like this and take action can make all the difference. Learning pet first aid can help you with the confidence to know what to do, how to handle the situation, and the proper steps to take next.

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