National Pet Day

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I love all these pet holidays! To some, they may seem silly but I think taking at least one day to recognize something about your pet – or even just recognize your pet is fantastic. It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget just how much our pooch on the couch means to us or our kitty on the counter – where they are not supposed to be!

Anyway, today is National Pet Day. Step outside the norm and instead of buying them a gift or some treats, share something with them. Make them a special pet safe snack or better yet – take the time to train them – yes cats too! You can clicker train your cat and you’d be amazed to see how well they learn!

The point is to appreciate your furry companion friend just a little more today. I know we love and adore them but they make our lives special each and every day.

This day happens to fall in Pet First Aid Awareness Month so while you’re doting over Bowser and Bella, don’t forget to keep their safety as your number one priority. They would save you, and many pets are heroes – Bowser could be one fire away from saving your life.

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