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How Will My Dog React When I Bring my New Baby Home?

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Our new German Shepherd puppy was fearful and shaking in her cardboard box lined by an old blanket when my husband and I drove her away from her doggy parents and brothers on Grandma’s farm. It was our first day as parents to her, and we didn’t have any children yet. Everything was new to her, she had never been …

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Italian Coast Guard saves Kitten with CPR

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A baby cat was found floating in the water in the Italian port of Marsala. The cat was retrieved from the water by an officer that had jumped into the water upon seeing it. The officer began mouth-to-snout rescue breathing and chest massages. After several minutes of CPR, the cat let out a weak meow, and started moving. The cat was then …

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Why can’t I Pet that Service Dog?

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A majority of service dogs come with a warning: do not pet. There is a good reason for that. It’s not because they’ll bite you or anything like that (though that could happen, it’s unlikely). It’s actually because the dog is working, and on alert, so that he can alert his owner about whatever problem they’ve been trained to recognize. …

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Bark at the Park 2016

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I know that it can be difficult to find dog friendly events during the summer. Do you want to bring your dog to a baseball game? Bark at the Park is a series of major league baseball games which allow dogs to attend! There will be dog friendly events and booths during the games. 12 games were scheduled for this …