The Triple Treachery of Rawhide & A Spotlight of Success

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The Danger of Rawhide

The pet food blogger Rodney Habib, a well known pet nutrition blogger wrote a very informative piece about the dangers of rawhide chews.

As pet parents many of us don’t even blink at the thought of bringing home this now known staple for the enjoyment of our pups.

As a pet care provider myself I find my client homes littered with these chewy chokers. Little puppies have the rolled up tiny sticks to the big dogs with their massive knotted rolls. As the former owner of a pet food store I constantly preached about the dangers of these delights and told every customer interested, not to buy them if their dog was under a year old as they can be hard to digest. Boy, was I wrong! I was wrong for having them on my shelves and I was wrong for suggesting that a dog over 1 year of age was more equipped to handle them than a younger one. The problem is no dog is equipped to handle this peril.

A Dog’s Life Saved

Just yesterday ProPetHero learned of a life saved by one of our students from these treacherous treats.


“First of all I cannot stand rawhide bones for this reason and second of all if it weren’t for me taking Pet CPR and first aide before I started my business I would never have known what to do!
I highly recommend that everybody with a pet or anybody that deals with pets, takes a CPR/First Aide course for animals!”

The problem with rawhide is threefold –

they are a choking hazard

a digestive nightmare

and a nasty chemical composition

So please poke around your house right now and find the new, the old and the partially chewed rawhides hanging around and please throw them away! Go down to your local mom and pop pet store and ask them for a healthy and safe alternative. Next, sign up for a pet first aid & CPR course, because when Max finds the missing chew instead of you – you’ll be there to save him.

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