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Pet First Aid Awareness – We Bring You Moore

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Arden Moore

Arden Moore

Nope, Moore is not spelled incorrectly. Pro Pet Hero is joining forces with Arden Moore of Pet First Aid 4 U to build a pet first aid & CPR instructors course.

Arden Moore is a nationally recognized Certified Master Pet First Aid/CPR Instructor and cat and dog behavior expert. She travels with her dynamic cat and dog demo duo sharing her techniques and teachings with pet professionals and pet owners. Geography is limiting and Arden hasn’t mastered how to clone herself just yet. Her narrative and real-life applications of pet first aid shouldn’t be limited by where Arden is so Pro Pet Hero is teaming up with Arden to get our combined pet first aid & CPR training to more people.

We Bring You Online AND Hands-On

pet first aid classA dichotomy has developed between hands-on training and online training. I have written several articles outlining the benefits of online learning and how it can be hands-on. Bottom line, while the different types do exist – instead of creating a line between the two styles of learning – ProPetHero and Pet First Aid 4 U are joining forces to expand the ability for anyone who shares their life with companion animals in any way – to get trained. No longer are we considered com-pet-itors in the pet space. ProPetHero and Pet First Aid 4 U are coming together as allies to make certain that pet lives can be made safer by any means.

How are we doing this? We’re building a pet first aid & CPR instructor course.

Oh Behave!

So you have two awesome choices for your learning and hang tight – there is more to come! Arden and I  discuss the joint venture a bit in our podcast on her largely followed show on Pet Life Radio titled, Oh Behave! We also share some scary stories about personal pet first aid endeavors we endured. We’re two different people sharing information in different ways but with the same common goal. It just made pet-sense to come together to share and expand the educational reach.

To take our course and save 10% during this month of pet first aid awareness use the code CPR-Arden Moore in the discount code section when checking out. To see when Arden is in your area or find out how to get her there, check out the information listed on our site.

Basically, we have just removed any excuse you have ever had to not learn how to be your pet’s hero.

Casey and Kona, Arden’s 4-legged cat-dog demo duo



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