The Mannequin Challenge with Pets

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I know at this point the Mannequin Challenge is old hat, and many of you have probably seen it done with cats and dogs too. If you haven’t, check out The BuzzFeed News’ post about pets doing the Mannequin Challenge.

But, and this is a big BUT – I encourage you to watch this video. I am in a tricks training challenge Facebook group with some friends from a local training club and this woman (who is a trainer by the way) blew me away with her Boxer’s rendition of the Mannequin Challenge.

I think I am most impressed because I know this dog. He is a typical wiggly bummed Boxer that loves to play play play. So my friend Tracy (Kandu’s owner) has not only trained this particular dog well, she’s trained a dog that does not stay still naturally – VERY WELL!

Enjoy and feel free to subscribe to her channel, she shares her life with a few pups and does some fun trick training as well as obedience and agility with them.

Also, don’t forget to take a pet first aid & CPR class, so when you train this and something goes wrong, you know what to do!

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