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Last week we celebrated Professional Pet Sitters Week (March 5-11) by taking a look at what it means to be a professional pet sitter and of course some tools of the trade. This week we have picked a professional pet sitter and her company to be in our pet safe business spotlight because even though a week was dedicated to celebrate these dedicated business owners, there really shouldn’t be a designated time. Pet sitters work tirelessly when you are on vacation or even at work. They afford pet owners a peace of mind that to many is priceless.

While pet sitters provide their clients the ability to work guilt-free or travel knowing their pets are safe – often times that pet sitter is reaping the benefits of their chosen career. It is common in the pet sitting industry to hear tales of lost souls in the corporate world who reached out to change their career paths from cubicles to cuddles. Jen Taylor’s is a little different but maybe even more cathartic – pet sitting has helped repair her body and mind. Enjoy Jen’s story about how she got into this business and where she sees herself moving throughout the pet space.

Jen with her brood

What is the name of your business and what made you choose that particular name?

It took many weeks for me to come up with a name and due to lack of creativity I decided on JenLovesPets. Luckily it seems to have a ring to it and is easily remembered.

Where is your business located and what areas do you serve?

JenLovesPets is located in sunny San Diego; currently our service areas include Rancho Penasquitos, most of Carmel Valley, Torrey Highlands, Fairbanks Ranch, Santaluz, DelSur, 4SRanch, Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, Poway, Scripps Ranch, and Mira Mesa.

Kat – lead dog walker soaking in the San Diego sun

How long have you been caring for people’s pets?

We’ve been in business since 2010; April will officially be seven years.

What caused you to start your pet care business?

I managed bio tech properties and became ill with multiple autoimmune disorders which forced me into disability. One day while standing in the middle of the Rancho Penasquitos Dog Park with my dog Brezzi and her friends running around I wondered if “Dog Sitter” was a thing. Went home, googled, JenLovesPets was born. Basically JLP was created as mental, emotional, and physical therapy for myself. Now many years and 450 clients later it’s not just therapy for myself but our other team members as well.

What is the most fulfilling part of owning/managing your business?

This question took some time for me to answer, there’s just too many to list. But I would say currently the most fulfilling part of owning/managing my own business is the team we’ve built. We have great team members and clients, a strong family.

Allisyn – loving some love

What is the most challenging part?

KEYS! That’s all I’m gonna say about that — except we are working on a better system.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JenLovesPets will have a bigger presence in San Diego reaching out to more pet owners to help assist in raising and caring for their babies. I’ll personally be stepping into more of a networking/marketing role and offering communities tips/guidance in positive pet care.

How has ProPetHero’s pet first aid & CPR certification course benefited your company?

This course has allowed our staff to feel more confident while with client’s most precious babies. One of our newest team member Jill said, “It made me more aware of abnormal vital signs in pets and empowered me to feel that I could now use these skills to help a pet and possibly save a life!”

Jill – feeling “empawered”

We applaud Jen and the team she has built. They know how recognize and react when they notice something is up with their clients’ pets. They share a passion and love for their clients that you can see stems from Jen knowing what made her feel better was caring for other people’s pets, which makes those pet owners feel safer. Bringing a person peace of mind is a driving force behind many pet sitters. We take joy in loving your pets so you can for a moment – go enjoy life.

Daniela – lead pet sitter, a lick does equal a like

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