The Pro Pet Hero Referral Program

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Last year Facebook rolled out their recommendations feature to make their social network, “more useful in your everyday life”. Facebook knows the value of word-of-mouth referrals, their research has shown that I am more likely to take a friend’s suggestion first over a general Internet search. At the very least, my friend’s recommendation offers validity and an account of a personal experience with the company or product in which I have sought their opinion.

Referrals Matter

This applies to those of us that own or share our lives with animals.  In addition to social media, the office break-room and even the dog park serve as our social platforms to find great products and services for our furry friends. My entire pet care business, which was started prior to Facebook, was built on referrals; mostly from my veterinarian and people at the dog park. The world still functions this way and thankfully, always should – no matter the medium in which those referrals can occur, their value still holds true.

Pro Pet Hero recognizes the value of referrals but makes the process of referring veterinarian instructed pet life-saving information not just a feel-good recommendation for the person making it, but a rewarding endeavor for both parties.

ProPetHero Partners program

Here’s how it works, when you sign up for the Pro Pet Hero Partners Program you get to choose a code to distribute among your clients, family, friends, colleagues and hey even your enemies because that neighbor who keeps you up at night with their barking dog – should take this course. When one of those animal-loving people purchases a course using your code, they save 10% off the course and you get a choice of either credit towards gift cards, other courses or if you signed up as a salesperson instead of a fan/friend – you get actual cash dumped right into your bank account. Here is the commission schedule if you sign up as a salesperson.

commission schedule

The partner program makes referring any courses offered by ProTrainings (creators of the Pro Pet Hero pet first aid and CPR certification) easy by providing customized discount codes and online sales tools that track and credit each referral. Easily share to your Facebook page, Twitter account, other social media accounts, your blog or website. You can see and track where these people are coming from using the reporting tool. There are buttons available or a ShareThis tool, each enables a record of anyone who clicks.

Because Life Matters

Why not get something in return when you were going to tell people about this course anyway? By taking the Pro Pet Hero cat and dog first aid course, you not only learn how to save pets’ lives, you save money by learning how to recognize and reduce issues that could be more costly at the vet to an untrained eye. Heck, now you can get paid for helping other people learn the same. Life matters – which is the ProTrainings motto – so knowing how to save a human or pet’s life is vital information that should not only be learned, but shared.


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