Things to do for your Pet during Pet Appreciation Week

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It’s Pet Appreciation Week, so we thought we’d put together a list of things to do for your pet this week to show them how much you care! We’re putting our Guinea Pigs out for a little bit of extra floor time, and perhaps going to give them a little bit of extra special treats (Guinea Pig healthy treats, of course).

  1. Learn Pet First Aid – Skills you can use before the vet. Our pets can get into things that we don’t expect. We’ve had pets start acting a little funny. Knowing how to recognize those changes can save your pet’s life. It’s certainly saved ours!
  2. Bake Special Treats – Find a great recipe!
  3. Take an extra long walk – Does your dog love the outdoors? Stay outside a little bit longer!
  4. Get a new toy – Does your dog regularly destroy toys?
  5. Take them to a Dog Park – Maybe they’ll make a friend!
  6. Be sure your pet has a proper identification tag – If the pet ever gets lost, this is a great way to make it easier for them to get home. In our neighborhood facebook group, a lot of people either post pictures of their missing pets, or find missing pets without tags.
  7. Be sure your pet is eating the right food – My wife taught me about this, with our guinea pigs. I can only imagine what I’ll learn when the inevitable puppy shows up later this year, sometime.
  8. Get a “Pets Inside” sticker or sign for your house, in case of fire – Our neighbors have one of these on their mailbox. Pretty smart idea.  Especially if you have pets in crates or cages.

Do you have anything to add to this list? What are you doing for your pets this week?

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