walking the dog day

Walking the Dog Day

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February is All About Love

Just two days ago we were celebrating National Love Your Pet Day, today we embrace Walking the Dog Day.

While its not clear who’s genius idea it was to set aside a day especially for walking your dog, we hope that you grab Max’ leash and start pounding some serious pavement with him. This is his or her day and the time when you should really start taking that New Year’s resolution seriously – you know the one where you said you’d exercise more, or more precisely; walk Max more!

Grab the Leash and GO!

Definitely check the weather, it’s the last week in February and the weather can be funky. It can go from a snow storm one day straight into the 60’s the next. Dress for the weather, pack a bag full of poop bags, water, your cell phone and some treats – off you go! Don’t make excuses, the weather cannot be one of them. With my history as a professional dog walker, we walk no matter the whether – when they have to go, we have to go so get going. If the weather is truly unpleasant for your pup there are still plenty or dry and warm walking activities you both can enjoy.

Walk Anywhere

Since its winter, many beaches will even let you get some sand between your pup’s toes. Go dig in, leave your mark and get some salty wind in your hair. Don’t live near a beach or don’t share your life with a dog that likes water, hit the streets of downtown – go window peeping. You’ll find many pet friendly shop owners that would love to dote and dole out cookies. Just last night my husband and I headed out to Lowes to get some items for the house and we brought one of our dogs. Each store is different so check with the manager but our little Phoenix was a hit with the staff and welcomed at our local store.

Love dogs, love walking dogs but don’t have a dog? See if you can borrow one from a friend, maybe they’ll be at work during the day while you are off and you can go give them a walk. Maybe you have a friend that’s a dog walker, see if you can hitch a ride with them for the day.

Go have fun and get out there. Our dogs and pets in general are our heroes, day in and day out they bring us comfort and love. We owe them this one day -go take a hike, a constitutional a jaunt, a stretch or s stroll.

Be Their Hero

Before you hit the trails or throw the first ball – before you become the fun hero of the day, learn how to be their safety hero. Learn pet first aid and CPR so that when an accident happens or an injury occurs, you’re there with the knowledge to save them. So its not just all about them, enjoy a discount just for you – type in the code CPR-PROPETHERO for 10% off the life-saving veterinarian instructed training.

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  1. Some shelters welcome you to walk their dogs as well – and the dogs would LOVE it! You may not be allowed to go far, but you could make the day of several dogs who may not get out of their runs without you.

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