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What to Consider When Getting a Second Cat or Dog

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Do you feel that your current pet or dog finally needs a partner/playmate after being alone for so long?

It sounds easy to choose the cutest dog or cat to add to your family but there are a few things you need to consider before deciding to bring home your second cat or dog. Here are 3 tips you should consider:

1. Why do you want a second pet?

A second pet will require more patience, energy, time and more costs. Aside from these, bringing home a second pet could make your current pet have some wonderful socialization. It could truly make your home a happier place with two pets but you have to be prepared to take on the added responsibility of a second sentient being. 

2. Check the breeder or current living situation of your potential new cat or dog

It’s important to know the history of your potential second cat or dog so you can see if their living situation is possibly with other animals to learn if he/she gets along with other pets.  You have to make sure that the personality of your new cat or dog will mesh with your current pet. You wouldn’t want to have chaos or fighting all the time so it’s best to also know the behavior of your new cat or dog first.

3. Consider the preferences of your cat or dog

How does your cat or dog act when with other pets? Have friends bring their social animals over to see. What kind of characteristics do they like – do they prefer the company of companions smaller or bigger than they are?

If you have an older or senior aged dog or cat then you should carefully consider a young unruly kitten or puppy.  This may stress your older pet more as they may not like being jumped on or bothered by the younger pet. Maybe an older rescue or dog or cat that a breeder has available.

There are plenty more things that you may want to consider before finally getting your second dog or cat but always remember that all will turn out well as long as your reasons are better for you and your current pet. Do your due diligence and make certain this is not only a great decision for you, but most importantly for your pets.

On a personal note, we adopted a kitten to bring home to our two dogs. Our dogs had met older cats before and were relatively calm but very interested. When we brought our kitten home, it took several weeks for the cat to feel safe around the dogs and for the dogs to understand she was not a toy. With due diligence and proper socialization they became best friends, be prepared for time and energy to be put into the relationship and always have a back up plan if the animals cannot coexist peacefully. Stress is not a condition any animal should live in constantly.

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Have you tried introducing a second dog or cat to your current pet yet? Let us know how it went!


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