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From a Foot in the Pet Industry

This Wednesday I had the pleasure of speaking with Nancy Hassel, founder of American Pet Professionals. Nancy always had one foot in the pet industry as she says either dog walking, helping friends train their dogs, or making corn, wheat and soy free treats.

While her main career was focused in public relations and TV production, she noticed with her dabble into the pet industry that it was so competitive yet lacked the resources available to help these pet businesses succeed. There was high competition, lack of support and definitely a lack of networking.

Pet Professional Organizations Did Not Exist

After she spoke at an entrepreneurial networking event through her PR position on how to get your business in the news, she was asked by a veterinarian if there was an organization for pet professionals. Nancy realized there wasn’t and that vet happened to be the third person in two weeks to have asked if one existed.

Start Local

So with the idea to build one, Nancy started hyper local in 2009 with the Long Island Pet Professionals. She started a Facebook group which is much different than they are now, sent out a press release and put on a networking event on how to get your pet business in the news.

From there things grew from local on Long Island to people from other states wanting to join so she rebranded into American Pet Professionals. Later American Pet Professionals became a multiple award-winning organization winning Best Networking Organization three years in a row.

Community, Education and Networking

Nancy is helping break the boundaries of competition and helping to bring pet professionals together from all walks within the industry. While it’s a $67+ billion industry, we need to learn, network and have a sense of community in order to make it great. Nancy is doing just that.

ProPetHero is a proud member of the American Pet Professionals and I encourage anyone that works in the pet industry from any capacity to join. You have a community, plenty of educational resources and lots of networking opportunities to help your business be its best.

She’s Coming to Bahston (Boston)

I am thrilled to be attending her upcoming Boston event on August 8th. If you are in the Boston area – so like Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire, come on down! Beyond just networking, Nancy has Jane Harrell of ‘Cause Digital Marketing sharing with us about ‘How to simplify your social media strategy with ROI results!’ So lets meet up, learn and share.

Sign up for the event or check out the events page on American Pet Professionals  for one in your area. If you want the chance to meet Nancy or me, you know where we will be.

Enjoy our Facebook Live interview. I was grateful that Nancy took the time to share a little about what American Pet Professionals is doing and I am excited to meet in person!


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