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What’s Up Wednesday – Pet Business Coaching

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During our What’s Up Wednesday series we typically focus on pet related businesses that we spotlight, recommend or just want to share their existence with our pet-loving readers. Today is no different except instead of bringing you a pet care business or insurance company that could help you, we’re bringing you a pet business coach and how they help the very pet care businesses that care for your pets.

We Love Pets First

Chances are most pet sitters, dog walkers, trainers, groomers, daycare owners etc. got into this business because they love animals. Entrepreneurs don’t start companies because they want to create a job for themselves – they start their companies because they are passionate about what they will provide for their customers or clients. Pet care business owners are pet lovers first, business owners second. So while we naturally love animals and caring for them, we aren’t always natural at or love running a business – that is where a business coach can be an amazing resource.

Pet Business Coach

There are plenty of pet business coaches out there that have specialities, even a general business coach could serve as a great resource for you if you feel that person is right for you.

For this What’s Up Wednesday I did a video interview with Bella Vasta from Jump Consulting, she is a superb pet business coach. She and I not only discuss what a pet business coach is but also we discuss these four topics that should get you thinking:

  1. What makes a good coach?
  2. What structure or format do they use to help me?
  3. How do you know the coaching is working?
  4. How do I know when I’m ready to use a business coach?

Essentially you are the best to decide who is right for you, and of course if you need a coach. I can assure you though, nearly 15 years into this business and thinking I knew quite a bit – I still learn a lot from the unbelievable content that people like Bella are pumping out. I’ve had access to such greats in the business world like Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion and have been able to make sure I stay current with social media marketing trends thanks to Britney Young, a digital marketing professional. All of this was free from Jump Consulting’s podcast.

Listen and Learn

Below is the interview with Bella Vasta of Jump Consulting. Find out how to find the right coach for you and learn to be introspective about your company. Learn to be vulnerable and understand where you could use guidance – then go get that help from a pet business coach.

Free Pet Business Content

If you’re still wrapping your head around the fact that not only does a pet business coach exist but that many do, try wrapping your brain around the fact that some are even producing tons of free content, JUST FOR YOU! From podcasts like I mentioned above to vlogs, all learning styles are covered – too busy to read a blog, listen to it while your walking dogs via a podcast. Want to learn more about who your coach is, what they are like – check to see if they have a vlog so you can make certain they are the right person to inspire and help you.

While the majority of the content is free, there are some valuable pieces of information available that have been produced just for the busy pet care business owner who just doesn’t have time to write an employee training manual or handbook. I’m not good at accounting so I pay an accountant, if you’re not good at writing employee handbooks, buy one – it is that simple.

Take Your Business from Good to Great

Take some time to explore your pet care business. Do you have all of your systems and processes in place? Is your marketing exactly how you like it? Is your employee training laid out, organized and clear for your staff to understand? Are all of your staff knowledgeable in pet care like pet first aid and CPR? Do you intend to sell your business as a way to retire and feel comfortable with that process?

If you answered ‘no’ to any question asked above you are ready to seek advice from a coach. We’re busy business owners and while many of us do this alone – we really should’t. Find people and resources out there to help you. At ProPetHero we will continue to bring you some great resources but its up to you to use them. Waiting any longer for you to be able to find the time to do everything on your own isn’t cost effective for your business. Behind every great athlete is an amazing coach, put one behind you for your pet care business.

And as Bella the pet business coach says,

Always Keep Jumping, 
Bella Vasta, Pet Business Coach
Book an appointment with me here
P.S. Bella shares lots of fantastic free content and she also shares a discount with you on our pet first aid & CPR course. That’s one more reason for you to learn how to be a pets hero, learn today and save 10% thanks to Bella from Jump Consulting.

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