Why Does My Dog_____?

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I was so happy to find the website, Why Does My Dog_____? for so many reasons.

Positive Reinforcement

Firstly, Aly DelaCoeur, has been in the pet care business like me but from an angle as a positive reinforcement trainer. She helps make our wonderful dogs wow us. Having the experience of working with hundreds of dogs over my years in pet care, I have always respected the amazing capabilities of positive reinforcement training. This method is something I greatly support and anyone that is doing the same, let alone on the Internet like Aly – is someone I want to get behind!

Video-Based Expert Learning 

Secondly, Aly has accomplished an amazing feet in one amazing place. She answers some common and tough questions using a video-based format about why our dogs do certain things. This parallels ProPetHero, which is video-based pet first aid and CPR training created by ProTrainings. ProTrainings was founded in 2003, which set out to offer video-based training on health and safety. Like Why Does My Dog _____?, ProTrainings uses technology to deliver its instruction based on the convenience of its students. ProTrainings built engaging life-saving courses like ProPetHero with an expert instructor – a veterinarian. Aly and her team have done a similar thing by providing, “short videos on dog info, on the go!” Aly, UW-AAB, has a certificate in applied animal behavior, is a certified veterinary assistant and is an AKC Evaluator. When the question is out of her realm, that doesn’t mean she wont answer it – she brings you experts who can! 

Small Increments Make it Easier

Thirdly, Aly and her production crew understand that people are super BUSY today so while she delivers her message in a video format, she does so like we do at ProPetHero – in bite-sized chunks! My brain can only handle so much in one day, let alone in 1 hr. Why Does My Dog’s videos are typically under 2 minutes long, readily accessible on mobile devices and easily searchable.

Let me give you an example; I was looking to write a blog post on why dogs eat poop, or why they eat grass, or why they eat everything for that matter. There are a ton of posts on all of these topics, but there are not many video posts on these topics. My eyes go cross sometimes reading everything – it’s wonderful to sit back to watch a video where I can more extensively take it in. In a blog post on video advertising it was sited that, “90% of information sent to the brain is visual and the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text”. That makes videos a more efficient media for getting information across – if of course done well.

Why Does My Dog_____? does videos well and they covered why my dog eats poop, why my dog eats grass and why my dog eats everything faster than I could write a post about it and in the same if not less time than it would take you to read about it.

Videos are a Bonus 

Videos will never replace the written word, written articles and books will always remain – I can’t watch a video from my phone at night even with my headphones on, the light bothers my husband! But often times it’s nice, more convenient and often a better learning format to absorb the information we sought via videos. With studies from the US Department of Education showing that we learn better online and scientific facts proving that our brains can retain and process information faster from visual frames than written word – why not stop and watch a video on why your dog does whatever the heck you want to know what its doing?

For more in-depth training, search Why Does My Dog_____? then take our pet first aid certification class to learn what to do when your dog does whatever it did.

Stayed tuned, I have more topics in the up-coming months where it will just be easier to send you to Why Does My Dog_____?, the information is already there in an easy-to-learn format, no reason for me to reinvent the wheel. . . .


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