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There are many different seizures your pet may suffer, but the main focus in this video is on generalized tonic-clonic seizures. During a seizure your pet will lose consciousness and become stiff, which could last between 15-30 seconds. Then they will develop jerking motions which will last 30 seconds and they may urinate and enter a biting phase. While caring for your pet during a seizure it is important that you and your pet don't get injured. Never put your hand in or around your pet's mouth while they are having a seizure. Remember to tell your vet: Length of the seizure, length of tonic-clonic activity, length of postictal phase and vital signs. Most seizures will stop on their own after a minute or two, but if your pet has one lasting longer than 5 minutes, or has more than one within 24 hours this indicates an emergency and a trip to the vet.