Bark at the Park 2016

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I know that it can be difficult to find dog friendly events during the summer. Do you want to bring your dog to a baseball game? Bark at the Park is a series of major league baseball games which allow dogs to attend! There will be dog friendly events and booths during the games.

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12 games were scheduled for this year’s series and while some are already past there are still 8 games to go. You can also purchase some team apparel for your dog from Petsmart if your pooch needs to be game ready! Choose from dog jerseys, bandannas, leashes, and collars to help show team pride.

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Here is a list of the remaining games with links for tickets:

1. Detroit, Michigan – June 21  7:10 pm

Tigers vs. Mariners 

2. Los Angles, California – July 9, 4:15 pm

Dodgers vs. Padres

3. Oakland, California – July 22, 7:05 pm

A’s vs. Rays

4. Seattle, Washington – August 9, 7:10 pm

Mariners vs. Tigers

5. Denver, Colorado – August 16, 6:40 pm

Rockies vs. Nationals

6. Houston, Texas – August 28, 1:10 pm

Astros vs. Rays

7. Chicago, Illinois – September 13 7:10 pm

White Sox vs. Indians

8. New York, New York – September 21 7:10 pm

Mets vs. Braves 

Please make sure to read the specifics when buying tickets for each game because dogs are often required to have a special ticket of their own, a waiver, proof of current vaccinations from a vet, and a few other things in order to attend! Each game may also have rules you need to know such as where dogs are allowed to be and if they need to remain on leash the whole time.

Don’t forget to bring everything to make the event enjoyable for your dog such as leash/harness and water. And please, do not bring your dog if you know they are frightened by crowds or loud noises!

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