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Best Dogs for Your Children 

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A guest post from our friends at Top Dog Tips

Your child loves animals and has been asking you to get one. Over the last decade, there’s been an increase in a number of studies proving the many ways that dogs benefit children, and vice versa. This is particularly true of physical and mental health improvements, where dogs reduce stress in kids (1), help treat cancer (2) and cope with autism (3), improve literacy (4), help disabled children thrive (5) among others.
A pet also brings out the best in a child, nurtures emotions like compassion, generosity, selflessness, cooperation which is good for the child’s personal development. Pets have been known to make children more sensitive, understanding and caring towards others’ pains and problems. With all of the benefits on the table, welcoming a dog into your home may indeed sound like a good idea, but which breed of dog to get for your child? There are several things you’ll need to consider before getting a dog including your lifestyle and your child’s age.
Different dog breeds have distinctive characteristics. Considering a dog’s size, temperament, and energy levels are vital. Some breeds are perfect as family pets – they mingle with all family members, while other breeds prefer only adult humans and don’t do well with kids. There’s a number of popular dog breeds with a high adoption ratio for a reason. Take a look at this infographic put together by TopDogTips on America’s most popular dogs and breeds that are most liked.
most popular dog breeds


  1. I see Boxer dog is on 15 the position in google but according to your site boxer position is 10.How to decide the correct ?Where can I get a true registered list or something like that? and thanks for sharing such a nice post with us 🙂

    1. Author

      It depends on the year the information was produced. This was a guest post and I and was originally posted in August 2017. I am not certain if their statistics are nation wide or just from a kennel club like the AKC. I’m certain the AKC would have this information but that would only represent dogs registered through them so it might be skewed. Good question!

  2. Personally, I love the idea of dogs growing old with children. That way the bond they share is much stronger. Labradors, Beagles Retrievers are my top choices. Although my German Shepherd does a wonderful looking after my kid! Many say that large dogs are ill-suited to be around children, however, I think that it depends on the dog’s temperament. Thanks for your post – as far as I can see it’s fairly accurate.

  3. I like your idea. The dog can be the best friend of our children. You have included a lot of benefits of having dogs. I have a German shepherd named Soku and a baby of three months. Soku always stays around my child’s crib, maybe he will make a nice bonding with my child. You have also shared a great list of most popular dogs. Overall it a very interesting inclusion with the dog world’s content.

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