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Certified Pet Experts

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This post is provided by our affiliate partner Certified Pet Expert

Certified Pet Expert offers an online training and certification course that covers everything a professional dog walker or pet sitter needs to know to do their job to world-class standards.

Professional pet sitter and dog walking training and certification is perfect for:

  • Anyone wanting to become a freelancer, solo pet sitter, or dog walker
  • Individuals looking for a job at a pet sitting or dog walking agency
  • Business owners looking to hire and onboard staff while keeping quality up

Why Become A Certified Pet Sitter or Dog Walker?

Although many animal lovers would consider professional pet sitting and dog walking a dream career, there is more detail and finesse to this field than meets the eye.

From negotiating the first meeting with a client, to navigating unexpected problems at visits, and even convincing a reluctant dog to eat his dinner, the amount of work and attention to detail required can be overwhelming to the unprepared.

When you are pet sitting and dog walking on a professional level, you accept responsibility for what is often an emotional priority for your clients: the care and safety of their beloved pets. It’s crucial to do the job right.

However, there’s an absence of thorough, proven, and easily available training materials. This can make the learning curve steep indeed, in a field where there’s often no room for error.

Certified Pet Expert Offers Accessible Training

The Certified Pet Expert dog walking and pet sitting course was created to fill this absence and to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and training for professional pet sitters and dog walkers. Our processes and protocols, developed over the course of five and a half years in business, are crafted to work with and support a pet sitting company’s current processes and procedures.

Certified Pet Expert provides comprehensive lessons in audio and video format, which will lead you through:

  • Meeting with new clients
  • Completing pet sitting visits
  • Dog walking safety
  • Setting expectations with clients
  • And much more.

Gain Your Clients’ Trust and Grow Your Company

It can be difficult to establish trust with a new client, especially if they have never hired a pet sitter or dog walker before. Your profile or website might list your experience, but without a certification, it can be tough to overcome a client’s initial wariness.

For this reason, the Certified Pet Expert dog walking and pet sitting online course also serves as a certification course. Displaying a Certified Pet Expert certification on your marketing materials gives you immediate credibility as a certified professional, with a degree of knowledge and training potential clients can verify and feel confident in. Having this certification will help pet sitters stand out from the crowd.

Eliminate Learning By Trial and Error

Before Certified Pet Expert developed accessible training materials, starting out as a pet sitter or dog walker could be a trial by failure.

With Certified Pet Expert, you’ll skip learning by trial and error. Instead, you’ll enter your professional pet sitting career with the knowledge to confidently handle scenarios that might have otherwise lost you a client.

Scale Your Company With This Complete Onboarding Solution

The Certified Pet Expert pet sitter and dog walker training course is especially helpful for business owners looking to hire staff and train their employees.

The pressure is on to hire responsible people you and your clients can trust. When your reputation as a business hangs on hiring the right people, how do you ensure your new hires will do the job to your standards?

Once they’re hired, how do you reduce the amount of time spent training them on the many procedures and processes that maintain pet safety and high quality care?

Certified Pet Expert can also serve as a comprehensive training course for new hires, with lessons easily adapted to your agency’s specific policies and standards. This way, your new employees start off with a solid foundation of knowledge and safety practices, streamlining your hiring and training processes.

Provide The Best Possible Pet Care

The number one goal of every professional pet sitter and dog walker should be to take exceptional care of your clients’ pets. With Certified Pet Expert’s lessons and safety practices, this goal is now far more easily attainable, for novice pet sitters and professionals alike.

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Are you interested in advancing your pet sitting and dog walking career? Getting pet first aid training and getting certified as a professional dog walker or pet sitter are the best steps you can take to grow your company and gain your clients’ trust.

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