Daylight savings and pets

Daylight Savings Ends and the Safety Concerns for Our Pets

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*reposted and edited from my 2016 Fall Back post

Fall Back; darkness is falling

We made it past Halloween now we have another dark and scary time upon us – the end of daylight savings!!! Get ready to give up an hour of your light, which for those of us with dogs means fewer hours in the safety of the light to walk and increased dangers like being hit by a car.

I remember years before safety collars we used to all head down to our local dog park and point our vehicles towards the field to use our headlights to light up the area for our dogs to play. Inevitably I always ended up losing sight of my fawn-colored Boxers who so perfectly matched the fall foliage. My husband and I bought small bicycle lights and literally screwed them onto our dog’s collars so we could see them, thankfully new technology emerged to make seeing your pets –and more importantly drivers being able to see them – better.

Safety Fades with the Light

So daylight savings is ending again. We lose light and with that safety. I highly recommend getting your pets some bright collars like those from 4 Paws Tech or even great reflective options from our friends at Dog Not Gone. I got the 4 Paws Tech ones last year after writing this post initially and they’re pretty cool beyond the safety factor. They are rechargeable via a micro USB – super convenient! I can’t tell you how many other light up collars, including our super crafty bike light homemade collars would suffer from dead battery syndrome after only a few uses. Trying to find the right size watch battery, let alone paying for them was an ordeal, thankfully technology has advanced.

I will, of course, add my other reminder that should something happen like your pet gets hit by a car or the darkness does not reveal the broken glass that causes a cut paw – you should know what to do when something bad does happen; take the pet first aid and CPR class.

walking a dog in the dark

This information is provided to you without sponsorship or endorsement. We truly care about the well-being of your pets and if that means recommending companies (or not) we will do so. Just didn’t want you to think we were paid by these companies, we’re not like that.  

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