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How Can You Learn Without Hands-On?

The ProPetHero cat and dog CPR training course demonstrates techniques with as much detail as one would learn in a hands-on  or in-person classroom. The videos are clear and most of all the techniques are shown on live animals. These animals were not previously trained so anyone can and should practice hands-on when available on willing live animals – SAFELY! This will not only be more natural, but it will get that animal used to you touching them in different ways then you would if just providing petting. You will learn what to look for and where to place your hands to perform compressions correctly and safely among many other skills.

Online Is More Engaging

cat and dog CPR
We’ve found that online, video-based training allows you to engage with the material when you’re ready to learn rather than forcing you to take the class when you or your staff might not be in the right state of mind.

But it isn’t just our opinion that it’s better to learn this way. There’s plenty of independent research showing that video-based CPR instruction is more effective than the classroom; this applies to pet first aid & CPR training as well.

And online courses provide a consistent, high-quality experience that doesn’t rely on whether the instructor is having a good or bad day.

Pause, Rewind, and Fast-forward

Just a few things you can’t do in a classroom. This means you can learn at your own pace instead of the instructor’s.

You can go back and watch the instructional videos WHENEVER; you can’t go back and watch the instructor if you take an in person course. You can use your own animals or if you are a pet care professional, client pets on which to practice. This can provide more natural hands-on than the stuffed dog you would have at an in-person class.

Am I Doing It Right?

How do you know you’re doing the techniques right? The course supplies you with videos, a written manual and audio guidance; it’s a matter of paying attention to the details given and working to practice them until they come naturally to you. Nothing prevents you from recording yourself practicing and comparing your techniques to those taught by the vet.  Repetition and reviewing is the best way to master them.

Online learning allows you to do it right by giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace. How many times did you get distracted in class or have to go to the bathroom only to miss something?  Hands-on does not have a rewind button. This course can be taken in bite-sized chunks, when you have the time and right place to learn.

A classroom is not a real environment where you will notice an issue with a pet or have an emergency. Hands-on classes can’t teach you in a real environment where a real emergency will happen. Take the course in a client’s home if you are a pet sitter, in your living room, on your hammock or in your backyard. That’s a more natural hands-on location where an emergency is more likely to happen. Getting your hands-on your pet with the knowledge you will take away from this online course will serve you and the pet the best.



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