If your pets had thumbs day

If Pets Had Thumbs Day

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Yep, it’s a national holiday according to many calendars and around my house – a very scary concept. Just imagine for a minute what your cat or dog would get into if they had opposable thumbs?

Just for fun I did a little Internet search and came up with these scary and often fun thoughts:

  1. They could give us a thumbs up – OK that’s pretty cool,  I wouldn’t mind a little affirmation that my pet liked what I was doing.
  2. They could thumb wrestle – who doesn’t love a little digit throw down?
  3. They could open food – THIS is scary. My cat can already get herself into plenty of food items around the house and my dogs have done well cleaning up her messes. If they could get into food on their own, boy we’d be in serious trouble and have some chunky critters.
  4. They could hitchhike – just picture that adorable cat or dog on the side of the road thumbing it, who wouldn’t pick them up?
  5. They could change the channel – I’m sure my pets are sick of watching what we like to watch. I’d be curious to know what they would watch?
  6. They could update their social media accounts – most of us that have a page for our pets are not as good about updating as we are our own. I’m sure my pets would want a more up-to-date post than that one from Christmas!
  7. They could lock you out – this would not be funny. See sometimes when its cold and my dogs haven’t gone potty I shut the door until they do. Revenge could be bad!
  8. They could open the fridge – just like getting into food from the cabinets this would be detrimental to our food budget and their health. If they could have things their way, they’d be pudgy monsters!
  9. They could write a blog – I would LOVE to know what they would say about us, wouldn’t you?

Go about your day and enjoy the silly and scary thoughts that infiltrate your mind revolving around, what if your pets had thumbs? I know I’d definitely be using my pet first aid & CPR skills, my cat would need reviving after realizing she could open the fridge!

pets had thumbs day

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