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Professional Pet Sitters Week – Pet Business Coaching

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I want to kick of this special celebratory week for professional pet sitters by taking a second to celebrate those that help the professional pet sitters – the pet businesses coaches. Some may just be your mentor while others are your hero, either way lets kick off the week of recognizing pet sitters by recognizing those behind the scenes helping us be better pet care businesses.

Jump Consulting – Pet Business Coaching

One such mentor and coach that I have had the AMAZING fortune of getting to know is Bella Vasta, of Jump Consulting – a pet care business coach. Bella has brought inspiration to me and re-lit a passion inside me to try new things, step out of my comfort zone and most importantly; stay positive. She’s real, she’s witty and she’s always on the cutting-edge providing her clients with the newest, smartest idea for your business.

As a professional pet sitter, I have been caring for people’s pets endlessly for 13 years. While the career is wonderful, it’s not just for the person that wants to love kitties and puppies all day – Bella will be the first to tell you that. This profession can be pretty cutthroat, Bella will tell you to check your why; why you want to either become or already are a pet sitter? If your answer is because you love animals, she’ll recommend that you go volunteer at the local shelter.

What Bella gives you is the honesty you need, the inspiration you might be lacking and she helps you find your “tribe”. She preaches to “get out of your own head” and stop isolating yourself. For the lone sitter this is a hard task but if you want to grow and eventually have staff, you need to do it. You need find your people, those with whom you can learn and learn to grow.

Why Work with a Business Coach?

If you are a loan wolf or are really trying to break into the industry you would be STUPID – yeah I said it – to not reach out to a coach. There is nothing stopping you from going to Bella’s site right now and filling out the “work with me form.” There are so many great courses and materials available that I WISH I HAD when I started this journey 13 years ago.

how to start a pet sitting company

Her coaching isn’t just for the loan wolf or the person trying to break into the industry, it’s also for the struggling or stuck-in-a-rut business owner. It’s also for the business owner who is doing well but wants to know what’s next? Bella is more than qualified, she’s owned a pet sitting business, run one, she’s worked in one, on one and sold one. She’s successful and most importantly, willing to share that with you.

Save Yourself Time on Admin Tools

You can literally buy an employee handbook or training manual right from Bella’s site (Coupon code petsitterweek for $10 off the beginner product).  Do you know what amount of time – let alone money – it costs to write a handbook, have it edited, then proofed, then read by a lawyer to edit again etc.? You can just plug your name into hers and you’re off running. There are a bunch of other products like training manuals, classes covering client interviews, getting vet referrals, selling your services and even a pricing guide. Bella has answered the questions you are asking!

employee handbook

She also has setup some Facebook groups. For me personally the Facebook groups have brought me access to more of my tribe, my fellow people in this crazy pet industry world. We share the good the bad and the ugly. Bella jumps in and offers her wisdom or sometimes she questions why you do something, so honestly, “I don’t understand? I feel like you are making it more difficult than it needs to be.” She forces you to look at what you are doing and always makes sure you know why.

As seasoned pet sitters or newbies we have a TON of information available to us. On the right day I’ll pull you under my wing and give you advice, I’ve been a mentor to many but I’m not inherently built to do that. I pick one or two people to help when I feel like it. Bella built a business helping people, first with their pets, now making sure people’s pet sitters are the absolute best they can be, it is completely her thing.

Who’s Got Your Chute?

Hopefully I haven’t lost you in my, “I love Bella” rant but just listen and look for yourself. Her most recent podcast with Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion, was so incredibly inspirational. I’m here to ultimately share and support the amazing pet first aid & CPR course that is Pro Pet Hero but this podcast made me want to take everything to the next level. I want to get going on videos about our course, why it is truly so amazing and the only one on the market that matters. I want to answer the questions that people ask like Marcus did and just get going on hitting a broader market. I’m inspired to do more for what I love and that’s the excitement I want to share with others, Bella makes it happen in you.\

Take Control and Be the Best Version of You

So for those of you looking to take control of your pet sitting business or want to go out on your own, take a look at Jump Consulting – know that Bella has your chute and will help you land on target.

Want to learn more about Bella, checkout her “who am I” section of her website. It does a way better job of explaining who she is, and most importantly – why she does what she does.

Not a pet sitter and have no interest in becoming one – that is completely fine but if you own pets and travel – go do something thoughtful for your pet sitter this week. They work hard, often 365 and generally have to work while others are vacationing.

Oh and if you own a pet, are a pet sitter or are thinking of becoming one, remember to get certified in pet first aid & CPR so you know what to do when something goes wrong.



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