The Best Gift for a Pet-Lover

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For the Animal Lover in your Life

For some of us, gift buying is a challenge. I personally feel that I never can find a gift that really shows the person getting the gift, just how much they truly mean to me. The good news is for more than half of your friends, there’s a wonderful gift out there just for them.  65% of people in your life are bound to share their lives with pets so why not get them the best gift – the gift of knowing how to save their pet’s life!

Give a Gift of Certification

ProPetHero now has gift certificates so that pet owners, groomers, walkers, sitters, trainers and rescuers can easily be checked off your holiday gift giving list and you can feel great about it.

Give the power to know how to be a pet hero.

Build a Pet First Aid Kit to Wrap

Want to give the course but also like to have something tangible? A great idea I have done for many of my pet friends is I have built first aid kits for them. You can buy a very nice human first aid kit in a handy container for between $20-$30 – less will typically get you a smaller container with fewer items included. Larger containers can easily be bought and items added, makes an awesome gift. Another perfect point is its not one of those gifts that is useless if they already have one. Its ideal to have first aid kits in your home, in your car, at your friend’s house – pretty much anywhere your pets would go.

The infographic above lets you know the items that can be added to a first aid kit to make it pet compatible.

Make certain when you are purchasing or adding pet first aid ointment that it doesn’t have pain relief in it as that can be toxic to pets. For more information on the safety of pet first aid ointments, read here. 

Buy a Complete Pet First Aid Kit

Not feeling crafty or just don’t have time to source all those items? No worries, we’ve done it for you in an awesome portable carry case for an unbelievable price! For $29.99 + FREE SHIPPING (in the contiguous US) you could have the perfect pet life-saving gift to give that pet lover in your life.

I hope I took a little stress off your shopping list for birthdays, tips, welcoming a new fury family member into the home and of course the yearly winter holidays.


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