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We bring your Wagtown for this What’s Up Wednesday – that’s a lot of W’s but I’m excited to bring you the what and why that is Wagtown.

Wagtown – Where the Wag Happens

Today I interviewed Beth Miller, founder and president of Wagtown – where the wag happens. Beth and her partner Tom saw a serious problem with what “dog friendly’ actually meant. To many it’s a moniker as she states, a name tossed around by companies and cities to attract the dog owning public. It’s not defined, it can vary and it’s often thrown around loosely.

What Is Dog Friendly?

When Beth and Tom started to research what a dog friendly America looks like they found plenty of material such as blog posts, advertisements and claims as such, which as she states are not bad things; but when they are used to attract people to community – it all becomes misleading.

Learn how Wagtown is building true dog friendly communities with the consistency that all dog owners and those that do not choose to share their lives with dogs can understand.

Through events and consulting with cities, towns, municipalities, companies etc. Wagtown is bringing clarity and cohesiveness to dog owners. Wagtown certification will clearly communicate to a dog owner, or non dog owner that this town or company is safe and welcoming to dogs.

What is also important to note is Wagtown isn’t just building these communities around the notion that people with dogs are welcomed but it goes much deeper. Wagtown certified means people with dogs are welcomed, dogs will be safe and this town or company supports having felony-level punishments for animal abuse and they do not support legislation that is breed specific. Wagtown defines pet friendly by creating clear criteria that a Wagtown approved entity has met.

As Beth puts it best, Wagtown is not about dogs everywhere, it’s about responsible dog ownership everywhere.

ProPetHero is excited to partner up with Wagtown to help in their mission. Safety, health and the wellbeing of our pets are all parts of the ProPetHero mission which are also big parts of Wagtown – were excited to connect.

Dive in to listen and learn more about the genesis of Wagtown, the award Beth has been nominated for and why you should start looking for Wagtown certified cities, towns and companies.


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