Bluetick Coonhound Hurt by a Bear

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Some of the stories that we get are kind of mind-blowing. Like when a dog gets into a fight with a bear. We didn’t find out just how this dog got into a fight with a bear, or even what kind of bear it was. But the point is… this was a fight between a dog and a bear! Wow!

Kimberly Hughes-Thompson explains:

“Two years ago.

My female Bluetick was hurt by a bear really bad. My dad and I spent every day with her until she was better.

You could put your finger right through and it would come out the other side.

Thankful my dad is a nurse we were able to get her back to some what to the way she was before she was hurt.”

We’re thankful that this dog was able to survive a bear attack too. Do you have any similar stories to this one? Has your dog been in a fight with a bear and lived to tell the story?

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