Roxy the Miniature Dachshund chokes, Dog CPR saves life!

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Roxy is a Miniature Dachshund that could have a series of children’s books written about her adventures. She seems to get into a lot of trouble, and lives to tell the tale!

Here’s the story from Jessica Buhrman PTA:

Well, I have a dog that likes to get into a lot of trouble. Her name is Roxy and she is a miniature dachshund. She choked on a Greenie was not responsive and not breathing. Modified the Heimlich and performed CPR. Fine from that.

Also, several herniated discs in the back and neck and modified my ice machine for my knee to accommodate her back until I could get her to the vet for comfort.

And her love for chocolate and how she finds it, I do not know. But I have been taught by my vet how to induce vomiting and feed activated charcoal. She is still alive and well today and still looking for her next adventure to get herself in trouble.

This dog sounds a lot like my wife’s old Dalmation, Shadow. He’d eat just about anything! If you would like to share your story, contact us!

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