Never Chase a Loose Dog (Unless you’re an Olympic Runner)

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A loose dog can be a very scary thing. Especially if you’re by a road, or if there are children around that may be scared of or allergic to dogs, and your dog likes to greet people. I’ve assembled a list of things to try if your dog gets loose. Feel free to submit comments with your own stories of your dogs getting loose, and what tricks you’ve used to get your dog back!

  1. Crouch down and look at the ground – Dogs are very curious. And if they think you’re looking at something interesting, they might stop and look at whatever it is you are looking at. It doesn’t even have to be something that is really there, the dog may want to see whatever you’re so drawn to, and they’ll quickly come back and start sniffing that area.
  2. Sit down, facing away or sideways – This behavior could cause more curiosity in your dog, because they aren’t used to it. It’s kind of strange behavior.
  3. Lie down – Your dog will want to see if you’re okay, or to see what you are doing.
  4. Curl into a ball – Wrap yourself up with your hands around yourself. Your dog should come over and sniff you, giving you a chance to pet them and grab their collar.
  5. Run the OTHER way – Your dog will think this is a game and start chasing you.
  6. Open the car door – Most dogs love going for a ride. Opening the door to the car and inviting the dog to go for a ride is a great way to get your dog back.
  7. Call their name – Start out in a normal but firm tone, remember they have excellent ears. Call them a little louder if need be, but mix in some of the other tips.
  8. Have treats handy – These can come in handy with the other tips on the list. Especially as your dog gets closer to you.
  9. Try a favorite toy – If you have access to a favorite toy, perhaps one that makes a noise that gets your dog’s attention, it could also do the trick and bring your dog back.

Do you have other tips for getting your dog back when they’ve started to run away? 


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