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Blog Series: 5 Common Issues with Your Pets; #1 Cuts, Punctures or Bites

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I don’t know about you but if something happens to a person – whether it be a friend, family member or stranger on the street – if I see a medical emergency I know I can help by dialing 911. While I do know human first aid and CPR, I feel comfortable knowing that if my adrenaline is pumping the …

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It Happens; what’s the scoop on your pet’s poop

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Let’s face it, it happens. While we often think of communicating with our pets via eye contact or voice commands, we rarely think about how they can transmit with us via “poop posts”. When your cat or dog leaves behind a log it’s like a storybook of their body. It tells you what they ate, how it agreed – or disagreed – with them, …

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Pet Education for the Pet Care Professional

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As a Pet Care Professional Be Competent and Confident in a Pet Emergency Situation Whether you pet sit for your friends and family,  just signed up for  a pet care listing site, or have a staff of 20, when you take care of people’s pets – or share your life with them – you better know what to do when something …

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Reducing the Cost Of Pet Ownership

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Unexpected veterinary bills were cited by  Kathryn Lisko, the education specialist over at, as being “the most common and most costly variables in dog ownership. That’s one pricey pooch”, USA Today August, 26, 2016: B4. Print. The article continues to mention that healthy habits and adopting mix-breeds (according to the ASPCA) can help reduce veterinary cost. What they don’t …

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Italian Coast Guard saves Kitten with CPR

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A baby cat was found floating in the water in the Italian port of Marsala. The cat was retrieved from the water by an officer that had jumped into the water upon seeing it. The officer began mouth-to-snout rescue breathing and chest massages. After several minutes of CPR, the cat let out a weak meow, and started moving. The cat was then …