Perfect gift for pet lovers

The Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

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And it doesn’t need to be wrapped – you could if you wanted to but. . .

You’ve completed your shopping and are wrapping gifts by the fire when your cat gets in the way. She just loves that ribbon and you have to admit it looks and acts just like a cat toy – CRAP, “cat toy” goes through your head and you just remembered that you forgot to get your friend at work a gift. She has a cat – man does she love that cat but Amazon Prime can’t get here in time.

Buy her the gift of learning how to be her cat’s hero. Buy her the cat and dog pet first aid & CPR course. Did you get your pet sitter something? What about your groomer?


And you know what? Let’s be honest with ourselves, how often did you Christmas shop this year and either find something you wanted and bought it for yourself or thought to yourself, “hey I would love to have that”? Well, its OK to gift a course to yourself because you really just did something fantastic for your pet.

Save me. . . from further embarrassment!










We have gift certificates available year round here!

Go. . . go give the gift that saves lives!!!




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