K9 Ballsitics dog chew proof crate pad


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Wait what?

Disclaimer: ProPetHero and all affiliates did not receive any form of 
compensation for this post, this is a dog safe product that we felt worthy 
of recommending to people that have pets that shred beds. 

Yes you read that title correctly and no its not on some metal dog toy; this is for a dog bed.

I am not in the habit of reviewing products and that’s not the direction this blog will go. This blog is primarily about sharing pet safety information and this bed that I am going to recommend is serious about safety.

Meet Walter

I am Walter

Walter is a 1 yr old Boxer puppy who despite his adorable mug that my husband loves, this little man has been a bed shredding monster! I wish I had more photo proof of the fluff explosions he has created but Walter loves to have a good time destroying any kind of bedding we put in his crate; crate pads with bolsters, bath mats, old dog bed covers and fleece blankets. The safe and smart thing to do is leave him without anything, but as I mentioned, my husband ADORES this dog and felt sorry for him being on the hard cold plastic.

I am the penny pinch-er of the household and while I have 3 dogs, a cat and 10 chickens, I pride myself on getting the highest quality products for the best prices. Often that means I don’t buy anything that hasn’t passed the, “do they really need it test”. I was convinced Walter didn’t need anything in his crate but my husband – not to much.

The 90 Day Chew Guarantee

It sold me and I’ll tell you why; if someone is going to stand behind their product exposed to destructible dogs for 3 months, they had my attention. Beds didn’t last 3 minutes with Walter. So basically if my dog chews, tears or destroys this bed within 90 days, they send a new one – free of charge.

Here is the company, K9 Balistics – “built dog tough” is their motto and they don’t lie. This video is not only a fantastic product feature of their beds but they include customer videos which are entertaining and educational.

Foreign Object Blockages

These can be a killer to your pet if not caught but the entire purpose of this post is to recommend this bed to avoid a blockage. I am writing this as I have just returned from Tufts Veterinary Medical Center after Walter had an ultrasound on his stomach to rule out any blockages. He’s been having tummy trouble and since he has chowed down on several beds, the vets wanted to rule out a partial foreign body obstruction. Below are some examples of Walter’s “artwork” click on either image to enlarge.

It Makes Safe Sense

I recommend checking out the K9 Ballistics products, they have tons of durable beds from which to choose. We went with the crate pad, because obviously Walter needed one of those. The price wasn’t that bad and they frequently run specials. I have seen several advertisements on a few websites when I am browsing the inter-webs. I know they recently had one because at my all breed club holiday dinner the other night a couple that I was recommending the bed to, went online right then and bought one for their Dobermans. They were happy to announce a 10% discount they found, from their smartphone.

Here are some other awesome benefits to there crate pad in particular:










Comfortably Safe

So now since mid November Walter has had a nice K9 Ballistics crate pad which provides him comfort and safety. We did also buy a camera to monitor him when we are out but I am still on the fence about the camera. The crate pad is very much in tact past the 30 day mark and it is not for lack of trying on Walter’s part. We haven’t always come home to it in the same position it was left.

So if you have a chewer that destroys beds, there are two things you need to do;

  1. Get certified in pet first aid and CPR -we have a super great BOGO going until Dec 24th – so you know how to recognize and react to either a choking dog, or when necessary and veterinarian advised, you will know how to induce vomiting
  2. Buy one of these aforementioned chew proof products, they have a sale for the next 4 days, use the code snowtails for 10% off. 

Stay safe, stay warm and stay chew free!



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  2. Dogs will chew and destroy anything. K9 Ballistics is great for beds. We have found a couple toys that do last longer and will hopefully prevent blockages.

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