The Right Time to Give Hydrogen Peroxide to Your Pet

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Our very own Master Instructor from our Pet First Aid and CPR Instructor Course Arden Moore, attended the Cat Writers’ Association 25th Anniversary Conference and Awards Banquet in St. Louis, MO. She brought along her safety cat Casey who shares the spotlight with Dr. Jason Nicholas, The Preventive Vet, on the cautions associated with using hydrogen peroxide in dogs and cats.

It is always advised to check with our veterinarian prior to using any chemicals on your pets, even if you know it is safe for you, our pets’ have different skin, different body types and certainly can react differently to the very things that are safe for us.

To have a better understanding of what is safe for your pets, how to recognize when things are going wrong and when to act, learn pet first aid & CPR now, they’ll thank you for it.

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