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Why Do Cats Knead?

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In My House, We Call It Making Muffins Kneading – the action cats make where they use their front paws as if they are kneading a ball of dough; can seem like a sweet gesture but is it? My husband has a theory that our cat is testing us for weaknesses. She seems to always come over and knead on …

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Your Cat is Not Asking for a Belly Rub

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In general when an animal shows you their belly, they are allowing themselves to be vulnerable. This holds true for cats. The abdomen is the least protected area of any mammal and thus the most protected from danger when threatened. So when a cat shows you their stomach they have just announced that they feel safe in your presence. Its like …

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The Most Common Holiday Hazards for Your Pets

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The winter holidays are HERE! While you decorate the house and stress about getting it ready for the family, Chloe and Max are starting to stress about all the changes and strange smells. Ornaments, candles, tinsel, ribbons and wrapping paper seem to be everywhere! There are lilies, holly, mistletoe, and a tree in the living room. Grandma’s chocolate chocolate chip powdered …